Cold Room Doors

Cold Room Doors

Cold Room Doors and Types
The main purpose of doors made for cold rooms is the thermal insulation of the doorway where products are loaded and unloaded. Therefore, the construction of the doors should not have hardware "thermal bridges" or minimize them. Doors must withstand the temperature conditions and workload in the cooling chambers; therefore, when choosing doors, you should choose the right type of door and its technical characteristics. For example; Size, insulation thickness etc.
There are many different types of cold room doors. If we want to give some examples of these;

-Hinged doors (swinging);
-Sliding doors;
-Vertical doors (guillotine type doors).
Medium and Low Temperature Doors
Hinged and sliding doors for refrigerated rooms differ depending on the temperature regime:

-Doors in medium temperature mode for rooms and warehouses (0 0 С and above);
-Low-temperature doors (from -15 to -25 0 С and below) for freezing rooms and warehouses.

Key Differences Between Medium and Low Temperature Doors The heat insulation thickness of the cooling doors depends on the specific use and can vary between 60 and 160 mm. For medium temperature cold rooms, the standard thickness is 60-80 mm, for low temperature - 100-120 mm. In shock freezing rooms of products (-30-40 0 С) and warehouse complexes with large doors, there should be doors with a heat insulation thickness of 140-160 mm. Low temperature doors should be equipped with an internal heat tracing cable to prevent the panel from freezing to the door frame. In addition, in low-temperature doors, the structure of the frame and handle may be different due to the need to destroy "thermal bridges", which can be neglected in medium temperature mode.

The most important part of a well-functioning cold room is choosing the right door with perfect sealing and insulation and a suitable cooling device. Choosing the most suitable cold room door for your facility not only saves energy but also ensures trouble-free performance in the long run. As Alfa Proje Dış Ticaret A.Ş team, we produce aesthetic-looking doors by combining first-class materials with the latest technology to meet the needs of the cold storage industry.


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