Cold Storage Construction: Materials, Design and Installation Process

Cold Storage Construction: Materials, Design and Installation Process

What are cold storages? Cold stores are known as special storage areas where food, drugs, chemicals and other sensitive products are stored at low temperatures. The construction of these warehouses, choosing the right materials, properly designing and following the correct installation process are very important.

What kind of materials should be used for cold storage?
It is a very important condition for cold storages to work effectively. For this, high quality insulation materials should be used. These materials may include polyurethane foam panels, extruded polystyrene (XPS), glass wool and polyisocyanurate (PIR). These materials ensure that the interior is kept at a low temperature by minimizing the heat loss. Alfa Project Foreign Trade Inc. Thanks to this, you can get the best quality service with the best quality materials used in cold storage.

How is the Cold Storage Installation Process?
The installation process of cold storages includes many steps and is installed with the right planning, design and cooperation. Project planning and design should be done first. Afterwards, an infrastructure preparation should be made for them. After the infrastructure preparation, the necessary conditions for insulation should be provided. After these are provided, only the installation and testing of the equipment remains. When these are completed, the cold storages are now ready for use.

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