Cold Storage Facilities

Cold Storage Facilities

A cold store is primarily a facility where short-lived foodstuffs that are likely to deteriorate under normal conditions are stored. These are fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, etc. may contain. These foodstuffs are stored at the optimum temperature (primarily low) and humidity required for the individual items. Our Cold Storage Facilities strategically located around the world are equipped with ideal temperature parameters for your valuable products. Alfa Project Foreign Trade Inc. As a team, we provide atmosphere-controlled conditions that facilitate long-term cold storage and ripening products to the market for fresh fruit and pharmaceutical products, depending on the specific needs of your commodity. As your needs change according to seasonal demand, we work to keep up with your pace.

What is Cold Storage?
Simply put, a cold store is a building or facility designed to maintain certain environmental conditions to keep temperature sensitive products safe. Externally, these warehouses look like any other typical warehouse, but differ internally to meet their purpose. New technologies make it possible to transport fresh, perishable foodstuffs from one part of the world to another without compromising food integrity.

Why do we need cold storage?
We were storing food at cold temperatures long before refrigerators and freezers were invented. Today, many cold storage facilities have been established to solve this problem. People can now entrust their products to cold storage facilities with confidence. You can store refrigerated food, pharmaceutical products, and any other product that needs cold or cold storage in cold storage facilities.

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