Banana Ripening

Banana Ripening Cold Storage Facility

By using cooling and air conditioning technology, yellowing operations are performed using Banana yellowing rooms systems and air conditioning application while unripe bananas are in boxes. The process of bringing the fruit to the desired taste, color, quality is called RIPENING. The ripening process is carried out in specially designed rooms with thermal and gas insulation, ventilation systems, temperature and humidity adjustment can be made. We carry out banana ripening unit institutions in the most widespread form in our country and abroad. Alfa Proje attracts the attention of investor companies with the systems it implements with technology. Banana ripening is most performed with ripening units. The function of ripening bananas without chemicals ripening is performed by combining the air in the unit with oxygen through certain processes and moisture retention technology. It is the meticulous establishment and regular follow-up of the established systems. What is the beauty of this system is that technical follow-ups such as ambient temperature and humidity are carried out remotely until the bananas are imported and shipped, and then the ripening process. By using tracking software, follow-up and impression are made meticulously with the technological infrastructure.

Harvest ripeness, preservation conditions, and ripening applications are important in the preservation of bananas in the cold. The fruits left on the tree ripen in 40-50 days. Bananas that do not reach a certain harvest maturity are ripened by applying ethylene from the outside. The earlier the fruits are harvested, the lower the fruit quality. Bananas go through some stages while ripening. The green color of the fruit peel deteriorates and turns yellow, and the fruit flesh softens. Starch turns into sugar in 3-7 days. Ripening of bananas can be done at different times by selecting certain degrees between 14-20° temperatures. As a matter of fact, to ensure that it matures in 4 days at high temperature and in 10 days at lower temperatures.

The ripening process is used to ripen most of the fruits such as bananas, mangoes, papayas by regulating the temperature, humidity and ethylene concentration in sealed rooms with the help of ethylene gas.

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