Cold Room Manufacturer

Cold Room Manufacturer

The cold room size, temperature, refrigeration unit placement position, cold room door opening mode and cold storage location can be designed and customized according to users' specific requirements. Greatly meet the needs of users. The temperature of the warehouse used for low-temperature freezing, such as food, is generally between -15 ℃ to -45 ℃. Cold room freezers are mainly used for low temperature freezing of food, medicine, fresh fruit and other needed items, and reach deep temperature as soon as possible.

Cold Room Manufacturers
As Alfa Proje Dış Ticaret A.Ş, our cold rooms are built to exceed your expectations and have easy-to-use controls, energy-efficient design and are supported by an elite team of technicians. If you don't need a new cold room, we also specialize in renovating existing cold rooms to modern standards.

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Research facilities, hospitals and laboratories contact Alfa Proje Dış Ticaret A.Ş. when they need a cold storage in their facilities, as they know that they will always receive a quality product by an experienced team of engineers and support team. Our cold rooms are built to provide extreme temperature uniformity and endless customization options while offering a high level of energy efficiency.

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As Alfa Proje, we serve each of our projects with years of experience and passion.

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ALFA PROJE DIŞ TİCARET INC. designs the processes specially according to your special demands and ensures the assembly of your projects by authorized and expert technical teams. Our company is ready to provide 24/7 maintenance and repair support with its expert technical service in Turkey and abroad for your projects.

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