Cold Storage Door

Cold Storage Door

Systems that aim to keep the amount of heat in a certain area as low as possible, regulate the appropriate temperature control in the area, and thus ensure the protection of many foods or products are called cold storage doors. In warehouses where cold storage and other temperature control areas are located, the areas where the most important heat loss can occur are the doors. Therefore, the cold storage doors that will be preferred for these cold storages are very important.

Features of Cold Room Doors
Cold room doors have many features. Basically, it is to control the temperature in the area where they are located and to help the products there to maintain their freshness. In addition to these, there are some other important features. If we want to give some examples of these;

-They prevent the entry of air into the room and thus keep the products fresh.
-Each cold storage door is made of different materials. The materials used in the construction also affect the function of the door.
-They are produced differently in sliding or classical models.
-There are different sizes of cold storage doors according to the width of the area where the door will be made for the cold storage.

Cold Storage Doors Prices
Prices of cold storage doors vary according to some features. For example, the material to be used for the door differs according to the width of the area where the door will be made. The quality of the materials used also affects the prices. Alfa Project Foreign Trade Inc. team, if you are going to buy a cold storage door, we recommend that you pay attention to the functional features and quality of the door before considering the price.

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