Temperature Range of Cold Storage Stores: Ideal Conditions for Optimal Preservation of Food

Temperature Range of Cold Storage Stores: Ideal Conditions for Optimal Preservation of Food

Cold stores are storage areas that provide low temperature conditions to preserve the freshness and quality of foods. In these warehouses, it is necessary to provide certain temperature ranges for optimum preservation of different types of food. In this article, we will share information about the temperature range of cold storage and highlight the ideal preservation conditions of different foods.

General Cold Storage Temperature Range:

Generally, the temperature range of cold storage can be from 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. This temperature range provides a suitable environment for preserving foods such as many fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and confectionery. When the temperature is kept low, the growth rate of microorganisms slows down and the deterioration of foods is delayed.

Freezer Temperature Range:

The freezer section is designed to store foods that require lower temperatures. The temperature range in this section is usually -18 to -24 degrees Celsius. Freezing temperature helps products such as meat, seafood, ice cream and frozen vegetables to maintain their quality and nutritional value for a long time.

Special Food Storage Temperatures:

Some foods need special storage temperatures. For example, some fruits and vegetables may need to be stored at lower temperatures. For example, bananas and pineapples prefer to be stored in a warmer environment, while fruits such as grapes and apples should be stored in a cooler environment. In addition, lower temperature ranges may be required for some drugs and vaccines.

Temperature Control and Monitoring:

Temperature control and monitoring is of great importance in cold storage.

Temperature Control Systems:

Advanced systems are used for temperature control in cold stores. These systems work automatically to keep the desired temperature range constant. Temperature sensors and thermostats constantly monitor and adjust the temperature inside the tank. This ensures that the food is constantly kept at the appropriate temperature and minimizes quality loss.

Humidity Control:

In addition, humidity levels in cold storage should be kept under control. High humidity can cause some foods to spoil quickly and mold to form. Low humidity can lead to drying of foods and loss of quality. The ideal humidity level should generally be between 85 and 90 percent. Humidity control is important to ensure optimal preservation of food.

Storage Time and Product Type:

The storage period and type of products to be stored in cold storage also affect the temperature range. Some foods prefer lower temperatures for shorter-term storage, while others can tolerate higher temperatures for longer-term storage. It is important to determine the specific requirements of the products and to apply the appropriate temperature ranges.

The temperature range of cold stores is determined to provide optimum preservation conditions for different types of food. Generally, cold stores provide temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius. The freezer sections, on the other hand, offer low temperatures between -18 and -24 degrees Celsius. However, lower or higher temperature ranges may be required for some foods. Temperature control and humidity control are important to maintain the freshness and quality of foods. For this reason, it is of great importance to ensure the correct temperature range in cold storage and regular monitoring.

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