What is the use of Industrial Cold Storage?

What is the use of Industrial Cold Storage?


In the food industry, it is important to store and preserve fresh and perishable products for a long time. Industrial cold storages are special facilities used to meet this need. In this article, we will discuss in detail what industrial cold storage is, how it works, why it is important and its uses.

What is Industrial Cold Storage?

Industrial cold storage is a specialized facility or storage area that has the function of storing and preserving products on a large scale. These facilities are equipped with special rooms, racks and equipment that are kept at low temperatures. While industrial cold storages are generally used in the food industry, they are also widely used in various other industries.

Importance of Industrial Cold Storage:

a. Maintains Product Quality: Industrial cold storage ensures that products are stored at low temperature and appropriate humidity level to preserve their quality. This preserves the nutritional value of the products, slows down the deterioration process and preserves their freshness for a long time.

b. Extends Shelf Life: Products stored at low temperatures extend their shelf life. This allows producers and consumers to keep products fresher for longer.

c. Meets Fluctuations in Demand: Industrial cold storages are used to balance the imbalances between production and consumption. Especially in seasonal products, the products that are produced in excess during the harvest period are stored and then offered to the market when demand increases.

D. Simplifies Logistics Processes: Industrial cold storages facilitate logistics processes. As the products are stored in bulk in the storage area, a more effective inventory management is provided and distribution processes are organized.

Usage Areas of Industrial Cold Storage:

a. Food Industry: Industrial cold storages are widely used in the food industry. Many perishable food products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, milk and dairy products, frozen foods are stored at low temperatures and maintain their freshness and quality.

b. Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Sector: Pharmaceuticals and some health products are sensitive products that must be stored under certain temperature and humidity conditions. Industrial cold storages ensure that these products are kept in desired conditions.

c. Chemical Industry: Some chemicals are substances that must be stored at low temperatures. Industrial cold storages provide safe and convenient storage of chemical products.

D. Agriculture and Agricultural Products: Agricultural products that are produced in excess during the harvest period are kept fresh by being stored in industrial cold storage. This allows manufacturers to bring their products to market at appropriate times and prevents waste.

Industrial Cold Storage Design and Control:

Industrial cold storages should be carefully designed and equipped with the right equipment. The following factors should be considered:

Good insulation: The warehouse should be well insulated and designed to save energy.

Temperature Control: The temperature in the warehouse should be constantly monitored and adjusted with programmable thermostats or automatic control systems.

Humidity Control: Proper humidity levels are also important for some products. The warehouse should have suitable humidification or dehumidification systems for humidity control.

Air Circulation: The air circulation in the warehouse should be regulated to ensure that the products are cooled evenly at every point.

Safety Precautions: The warehouse should be equipped with safety measures such as fire prevention systems, alarm systems and emergency equipment.


Industrial cold storages are indispensable facilities for maintaining the freshness of perishable products, extending their shelf life and managing logistics processes. These warehouses, which are used in many areas such as food, medicine, health and chemistry sectors, prevent quality loss by preserving products at low temperatures and ensure that products reach the consumer safely.

The correct design of industrial cold storage should include factors such as good insulation, temperature and humidity control, air circulation and safety measures. In this way, it is ensured that the products are stored in suitable conditions and that the desired temperature and humidity levels are maintained.

Along with the storage of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products and frozen foods in the food sector, industrial cold storages have an important role in different sectors such as pharmaceuticals, health products, agricultural products and chemicals.

As a result, industrial cold stores are vital facilities for maintaining the quality and freshness of products, extending their shelf life and managing logistics processes. With the right design and controls combined with advanced technologies, industrial cold storages are used successfully in many sectors.

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