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Monorail Passage Hinged Door

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  • Hinged monorail door, single and double leaf options are available. If desired, automatic door closer, observation window, kick guard, etc. can be added to all our doors. accessories can be added.

  • HINGED DOOR FRAME WITH MONORAIL Monorail transition hinged door frames are produced in 2 different ways as PVC or anodized Aluminum. There are support plates inside the frame for all accessories on the frames of all our monorail hinged doors. Our monorail hinged door frames are suitable for all kinds of hygienic washing.

  • HINGED DOOR LEAF WITH MONORAIL Our monorail hinged doors are produced in 2 different thicknesses (70 and 90mm). Our monorail hinged door wings are produced as monoblock with 40-43 kg/m³ CFC-free polyurethane foam filling. In all our monorail hinged doors, the frame of the wing is anodized aluminum. In all our monorail hinged doors, there are support plates inside the wing for all the accessories on the wing.

  • Our doors have a single row of EPDM gaskets as standard. Our monorail door wings are produced as 0.5 mm thick, 130µ PVC coated galvanized sheet as standard. It can also be produced as 25µ RAL painted or A304 quality stainless sheet upon request. If desired, sheet thicknesses can also be produced in the range of 0.5 and 1.2 mm. Our door wings are suitable for all kinds of hygienic washing.

  • HINGED DOOR SILL WITH MONORAIL We have different options to suit your needs.

  • You can request technical drawings of our products from our technical department and request an exploration to make feasibility assessments. You can download our catalog or contact us for more detailed information about our monorail hinged doors.


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