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Cold Room Panel

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  • It is filled with 40 kg/m³ (+/- 2) density polyurethane between the sheets with groove pattern.

  • While choosing the right cooling technology, the crucial point of keeping the heat inside the warehouse is the selection of the panel with highest insulation value. This should be achieved through observation of the cold storage characteristics and conditions.

  • The quality of workmanship during assembly is also one of the most critical factors in the cooling sector. In our cooling projects, we use sandwich panels that are determined project by project with different thicknesses of 60-80-100-120-150-200 mm. The thickness should be chosen according to the room temperature. .

  • The panels should be interlockable every squaremeter and must be male and female shaped so that they merge completely.
  • Inside and the outside of the panel should be painted in RAL 9002
  • The PU density should be around 40 – 42 kg/m3, produced according to declaration of ROHS, it should be HARDFOAM, B1-B2 fire resistant.
  • Each panel should be manufactured of 0.5 mm hot galvanized (80 – 100 g/m2), min. 5 micron primer coating + 15 anti- bacterial sheet metal that is painted with polyester painting that is chosen according to rules of HAACP.
  • The panel surface must be covered with a film to protect the panel from outside conditions.
  • The merging edges must be covered with a material that looks exactly the same as the panel surface.
  • The merging edges on the inside must be covered with a hygienic material that is oval shaped, made of plastic, durable and non-dust collecting
  • The spaces between the panels must be filled with silicone in order to obtain the maximum insulation.


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