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Industrial Cooling Devices

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SH Series SH Series
  • * Compact design ready for complete installation. * Semi-Hermetic Piston compressor. * High capacity air cooled condenser with aluminum lamella, copper tube. * The device cabinet is a steel galvanized sheet coated with polyester electro static powder paint, which is not affected by outdoor weather conditions. * Indoor and outdoor units are shipped with nitrogen charge. * Special insulated silent device design in urban areas where the sound level is desired to be particularly low. (Optional) * System safety and fan control with pressure control elements. * Integrated electrical panel in accordance with the standards.
  • * SH Series industrial refrigeration devices offer special designs for your needs with their low energy consumption, high cooling efficiency and compact designs in food storage and storage areas such as hotels, butchers, markets, cold stores, slaughterhouses, where medium and low temperatures are needed.
  • All the equipment used in the production phase of our carefully designed devices are supplied from world-famous component manufacturers specializing in their field. * Ability to work even at high ambient temperatures with high condenser capacities. * Low investment and operating costs with fast assembly, easy operation. * Easy intervention and ease of maintenance at the time of service.
  • * May vary according to the product model. * Hermetic piston or Hermetic Scroll compressor * Air-cooled condenser with aluminum lamella, copper tube * Axial fan * Liquid tank * Service valve * Suction line accumulator (In negative devices) * Oil separator (In negative devices) * Dryer filter * Gas sight glass * Liquid line solenoid valve * Gas indicators * Pressure control switch * Fan control switch * Fan speed control (Optional) * Thermoplastic gas hoses * Thermoplastic oil hose * Phase protection relay * Motor protection relay * Contactor (Compressor, Evaporator, Defrost) * Fuse (Control, Condenser fan, Evaporator fan, Defrost) * Acoustic sound insulation (Optional)


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