Banana Yellowing

Banana Yellowing

Banana is a very famous and beloved delicious fruit that almost all of us love to eat. It is highly nutritious and also easily edible immediately after peeling, making it one of the most popular fruits. Banana is a delicious fruit that almost everyone likes to eat. It is one of the most popular fruits because it is both very healthy and easy to eat after peeling. Banana yellowing, improving only the outer skin color of the banana; ripening is the name given to the process of bringing the banana to the desired taste, color and quality. The yellowing and ripening process is carried out in specially designed rooms with heat and gas insulation, ventilation systems, and temperature and humidity adjustment.

Banana Yellowing and Ripening Conditions
Banana yellowing and ripening process is carried out in specially designed rooms with heat and gas insulation, ventilation systems, temperature and humidity settings. The necessary conditions for a successful yellowing and ripening process are:

Temperature (for yellowing: 20- 28 °C, for ripening 14 -20 °C)
Relative humidity (85% - 95%)
Ethylene gas (For Yellowing: 3-10ppm, for Maturation 100-1000ppm)
Air movement (to circulate the room volume 25 -30 times in 1 hour)
Duration (Painting and Ripening Time 48 -96 hours) should be ventilated. Depending on the species and variety, the products mature within 2-4 days, reach the eating condition and turn yellow.

Banana Peeling Rooms
There are many places we have heard of as Banana Turning or fruit ripening rooms. In these rooms, yellowing serves, providing the most cost-effective solution for ripening fruits. The yellowing process is used for ripening most of the fruits such as banana, mango, papaya by regulating temperature, humidity and ethylene concentration in sealed chambers with the help of ethylene gas. Ethylene, which works like a natural hormone, does not pose any health hazards to the fruits and at the same time adds added value to the fruit by making the skin of the product turn from green to yellow and preserve the sweetness and aroma of the fruit.

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