Cold Storage Facilities 2023

Cold Storage Facilities 2023

Most people never think about how (or when) the food on their table was grown or where it was processed and stored. However, there are special facilities where the food we eat, the medicines we use and the milk we drink are stored. These are made in cold storage facilities located in various locations. Cold storage is a storage facility. Generally, dairy products, proteins, frozen foods, fresh products, etc. are stored in cold storage. Perishables or food products that require refrigeration require temperature control to be able to supply them.

Different Storage Is Required For Each Product
Not all cold storage systems are the same. This is because each product has a different temperature level requirement when it comes to cold temperatures. For example, potatoes require very different conditions than ice cream. Cold storage facilities are uniquely designed to create the necessary conditions for storing certain products. However, large cold storage facilities are equipped to handle a variety of products.

Average Temperatures of Cold Storage Facilities
Cold storage is the storage of sensitive products such as food, medicine and plants within a certain temperature range to preserve their quality and shelf life. Cold storage facilities normally range from 33° to 55°F (0° to 15°C), while freezing rooms can go as low as -100°F (-40°C).

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