Fish Cold Storage

Fish Cold Storage

In seafood, it is very important to maintain the quality of the product before storage. Therefore, it should be cooled and frozen at a minimum level. Fish cold storage offers solutions to all your cooling needs, from preservation to fish processing, while maintaining product quality. Cold storages are needed in order to preserve the freshness of meat and fish products for a long time without deteriorating the core temperature. As Alfa Proje, we offer you quality and specially designed cold storages for long-term preservation of fish and seafood products without deterioration.

Fish Storage
When fish become too dehydrated in cold storage, the surface becomes dry, opaque and spongy. As time progresses, these conditions penetrate deep into the fish until the fish becomes a fibrous, very light material. The visible effects of severe dehydration on the surface of fish are known by the term "freezer burn". This is an unfortunate choice of term, as the effect is not caused by freezing in a properly designed freezer and only occurs after prolonged storage in a cold store. Frozen fish can dry slowly in cold storage, even in good working conditions. This is undesirable except for obvious reasons such as weight loss of the product. Drying also accelerates the denaturation of protein and oxidation of oil in fish. Even fully waterproof packaging used to protect the product will not provide complete protection if the cold storage operating conditions are suitable for drying inside the package. Intra-pack dryness dominates when there is some empty space in the package and the temperature of the store fluctuates. When this occurs, there will be times when the wrap is colder than the fish and then moisture will leave the product and appear as frost on the inside surface of the wrap.

Factors Determining the Quality of Seafood
If we list the factors that determine the quality of seafood;

Appropriate storage temperature,
To protect the product from dehydration,
freezing time,
Transport of the product to the warehouse.

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