Frozen Food Freezing Systems

Frozen Food Freezing Systems

Both manufacturers and food distributors are aware that storage and effective cooling are indispensable elements of the cold chain for optimum product storage. After the shock freezing system, thawed foods, vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms have the same fresh and attractive appearance as the original freshness. The reason for this is the formation of micro water crystals that do not deteriorate in the texture and structure of the products during freezing in the cooling chambers, whereas it is the opposite in conventional ice cream.

Shock Freezing Systems
Intensive cooling of cooked food is especially important for restaurants. Most of the time, ready meals need to be frozen in the chambers for a certain period of time. Food storage and shock freezing are very important in the food industry, especially in restaurants. Freezing units use cold air and perform rapid cooling and freezing. In this way, it creates suitable conditions for food. There are special shock storage rooms where these are made. Shock freezing chambers are considered to be the most effective and economical freezing equipment with their great capabilities and wide application areas.

What Steps Do Frozen Food Freezing Systems Include?
Frozen food freezing systems have many steps. There are many different workloads such as preliminary preparations and loading of foods before the foods are frozen. Alfa Project Foreign Trade Inc. We will tell you about the steps of frozen food freezing systems.

Preliminary Preparation: Food must be properly prepared before freezing. At this stage, the food is cleaned, chopped or shredded.
Food Loading: Prepared foods are placed in containers or trays in the frozen food freezing system. Food must be placed evenly. It is also very important that they do not touch each other.
Cooling Section: After the foods are placed in the frozen food freezing system, they are quickly cooled. This is usually done using air or liquid (usually nitrogen or carbon dioxide). Air or liquid quickly transfers coldness to the surface of the food, allowing the inside of the food to freeze.
Storage: After the food is frozen, the frozen food is removed from the freezing system and stored frozen. In this way, the freshness and nutritional values of the food are preserved.


Alfa Project Foreign Trade Inc. Food Shock Freezing Systems
Computer-controlled, fully automatic freezing and cooling are carried out in Alfa Proje's modern facilities equipped with the latest technology of the era. Freezing and freezing processes are carried out for most foods such as meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits in the facilities. You can contact us for information about freezing systems for meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits and many other foods.

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