Ice Production Facilities

Ice Production Facilities

What is Ice Production?
Ice making plant comes in a variety of styles and designs depending on your project. Ice often comes into contact with food products, so utmost care must be taken in the design process to ensure that ice making plants comply with all necessary hygienic and sanitary requirements. In addition, attention should be paid to ice and energy consumption. Ice production facilities should be designed in such a way that all incoming water turns into ice and unnecessary waste is avoided. The thermal energy obtained from the melted ice is then reused in the system through suitable heat exchangers, providing energy efficiency and lower operating costs. Just as we need to consume the cleanest water, we must be aware that ice is no different from water. Therefore, the ice should be as clear and clean as the water in the glass.

Industrial Ice Makers
Commercial ice makers improve the quality of ice by using moving water. The water flows down the stainless steel evaporator with high nickel content. The surface must be below freezing. Salt water requires lower temperatures to freeze and lasts longer. It is often used to pack seafood. Air and undissolved solids must be washed in horizontal evaporator machines such that the water removes 98% of the solids resulting in very hard, almost pure, clear ice. Ice is softer in vertical evaporators. If real individual cube cells are present, commercial ice makers can make ice of different sizes, such as flake, crushed, cube, octagon, and tube. When the layer of ice on the cold surface reaches the desired thickness, the sheet is slid onto a wire grid, where the weight of the sheet causes the sheet to break into desired shapes and then falls into a storage bin. The ice factory is a complete ice station from production to storage of ice, including ice maker, associated cooling machines, storage rooms and building. When choosing an ice plant, many considerations need to be taken into account regarding costs, maintenance, availability of skilled labor, water supply and the preferred type of ice. The selection of a plant should be made with knowledge of local conditions and requirements.

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