meat cold storage

meat cold storage

Today, it has become necessary to extend the shelf life and storage times of foods, especially meat and meat products, by various preservation methods. The purpose of the preservation is to prevent putrefaction or deterioration of meat and meat products and to make the breeding and reproduction conditions of the microorganisms causing it unfavorable. When this is done, it can greatly slow down and stop the effects of microorganisms as well as physical, chemical and enzymatic factors that cause meat and meat products to spoil. As a result, the shelf life of meat and meat products can be greatly extended.

Meat Coolers
Because our cold storages are weatherproof and do not require any planning permission, they can be placed anywhere on site where they are most accessible. Thanks to the interior lighting and being able to be opened from the inside, the meat can be deboned and worked on-site at the contact point. As Alfa Proje Dış Ticaret A.Ş team, we offer you the opportunity of meat cold storage.

Cold Storage For Meat
Meats must be refrigerated and frozen to preserve their quality and flavor. It is ensured that the quality of the meat preserved in various standards does not decrease during this period, from the processing to the storage and preservation. Refrigerated meat and poultry stored in a refrigerated container should be stored at a temperature not higher than 4°C to effectively inhibit the growth of dangerous pathogenic bacteria. Anything hotter than that puts consumers at risk for illness. If you are a food business, the best practice temperature for storing raw meat should be strictly followed.

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