Milk and Dairy Products Cold Storage

Milk and Dairy Products Cold Storage

A cold store aims to keep the product (usually food) at the optimum temperature, stop spoilage and extend its life. In contrast, a freezer store must keep the product at a constant temperature to ensure that there is no risk of damage or alteration to its integrity. Choosing cold storage instead of freezer storage or vice versa will depend on the types of products to be stored. Milk and dairy products are among the foods whose shelf life can be extended by storing them in cold storage. Milk and dairy products should normally be consumed within a few weeks, but with the use of cold storage, the lifespan of foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese can be extended up to a few months. Milk and dairy products are products with a short shelf life that must be stored in cold storage. For this reason, animal foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt should be cooled as soon as possible after they are produced.

How are Milk and Dairy Products Stored in Cold Storage?
Since milk and dairy products are very prone to spoilage, they are products with a very short shelf life. For this reason, the processes should be done much faster after milking and the product should be placed in the cold storage as soon as possible. Cold storages ensure that the products are kept at the right temperature and securely. Condensed milk products can be stored in cold storage at temperatures of 15°C and below for up to 2-3 years. If the product is stored at temperatures above 15°C, gelation and agglomeration are observed.

Be Careful When Using Milk and Dairy Products!
Dairy products require a lot of care and handling. You should not keep dairy products at room temperature for too long, as this reduces their shelf life. Dairy products should be protected from heat. Therefore, you should be extra careful when using dairy products, especially in hot weather. Alfa Project Foreign Trade Inc. As a team, we provide you with the opportunity to store milk and dairy products.

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