Seafood Cold Storage

Seafood Cold Storage

Aquatic products are very sensitive to spoilage. Therefore, it should be consumed fresh immediately after hunting or measures should be taken to ensure that they preserve their original freshness as much as possible. Seafood cold storage is a very important thing. They must be fresh for human health. As a solution to this, cooling and freezing technology are the leading methods used. By cooling, aquaculture products can be kept cold at -1/+4 ºC; However, as the development of microorganisms and biochemical events are slowed down during cold storage, the shelf life of seafood products is limited.

How Is Storage Made?
By using cooling methods, foods can be kept cold at -1 to +4 o C, but the storage life of the food is limited since the development of microorganisms and biochemical events are slowed down during cold storage. However, with freezing, the development of microorganisms is completely prevented, biochemical events and enzyme activity continue by slowing down.

Meet the Alfa Project Team for Seafood Cold Storage!
During the seafood processing process, from packaging to storage, all cooling and freezing processes are completed and the seafood is preserved under appropriate conditions and their quality is maintained. Alfa Project Foreign Trade Inc. team can help you for cold storage of seafood.

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