What is Cold Storage?

What is Cold Storage?

What is Cold Storage and How Does Cold Storage Work?

A cold store is primarily a facility where short-lived foodstuffs that are likely to deteriorate under normal conditions are stored. These are fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, etc. may contain. These foodstuffs are stored at the optimum temperature (primarily low) and humidity required for the individual items. Almost all cold stores are designed so that these features are preconfigured according to what is being stored. Some cold rooms are made with these features adjustable. High-performance primary storage is often considered too expensive for inactive data held for long periods or indefinitely. Design priorities for cold storage include low cost, high capacity, and data durability. Data retrieval and response time for a cold storage system can be significantly slower than devices or systems designed for active data.

Usage Areas of Cold Storage
Cold storage is mainly for storing items that need certain low temperature environment. There is a misconception that cold rooms can only store foodstuffs this way. However, cold rooms can store the following items:

-Movies and Artworks

Briefly, if we define cold storage or cold rooms, they are warehouses where a certain temperature is artificially produced in the room. Cold stores are generally designed to store products in an environment below the outside temperature.

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