Potato and Onion Ventilation

Potato and Onion Ventilation Cold Storage Facility

Good aeration of the crop is necessary to reduce storage and storage losses at high yields, for example, potatoes and onions. Tolsma-Grisnich has developed several products that can be used for both box and bulk storage. These ventilation systems have been developed specifically for the needs of our customers and are widely applicable.

Storing potatoes is similar to storing onions, like all root crops, potatoes must be dried before storage after they are removed from the soil. After the drying process, the healing process is carried out to prevent the rotting of the potato injured in harvesting or handling, to ensure the formation of the peel of the potato. After this process, the temperature of the potato is lowered by 0.5 C every day and prepared for cold storage. In cold storage, seed potatoes are stored between 2-4 degrees, while other types of potatoes are preserved between 4-10c. However, in cold storage, carbon dioxide control is as important as temperature and humidity control. Rising carbon dioxide should be controlled and kept within certain limits.

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